Trance Mission - Head Light

Trance Mission - Head Light
Recording Location:
Mobius Music
Release Date:
October 21, 1996
Head Light

Drummier and with less wind-chime whimsy than their 1994 effort Trance Mission, Head Light insists on a puree of cultural influences that feature the lowest and least mobilized notes attainable on a didge. That this instrument is "played (by Stephen Kent) with respect for the Australian Aborigines in solidarity and...common relationship with the earth," is beyond doubt; although the cacophony of white noise created by the Trance Mission orchestra of click-sticks, clay pots, Solar Winds, log drums, clapping and clarinets can be difficult to be moved by, in spite of so much movement. "Monkfish" and "Their Hands Are Blue" bookend the recording nicely with what sound like echoes of one another within the otherwise various musical text -- but why the whimpery "The Sun Cries" is divided into two indistinguishable parts is one of those quasi-postmodern stumpers. A smug album for an adamant nueva-age wind band.

Monkfish / Beth Custer / Stephen KentTrance Mission5:07
Head Light / Beth Custer / Custer / Stephen Kent / Loose / NewbyTrance Mission10:32
Alpha Swim / Beth Custer / Stephen KentTrance Mission5:31
Work Song / Beth Custer / Stephen Kent / Eda MaxymTrance Mission5:37
In Frog PyjamasTrance Mission5:50
The Sun Cries, Pt. 1Trance Mission6:45
The Sun Cries, Pt. 2Trance Mission3:35
Their Hands Are BlueTrance Mission9:47
[Untitled Hidden Track]Trance Mission4:34

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