Jody Sandhaus - Winter Moon

Jody Sandhaus - Winter Moon
Recording Location:
Van Gelder Studios, Englewood Cliffs, NJ
Release Date:
October 14, 1997
Recording Date:
November 11, 1995
Winter Moon

The mood implied by the title of Jody Sandhaus' maiden album is expressed by many tunes found on the play list. Winter is cold and desolate, while the bright moon is a beacon of better things to come. On no other tunes does this theme come through with greater force than on poet and lyricist Fran Landesman's "The Ballad of the Sad Young Men," which she wrote with constant collaborator Tommy Wolf. This poetry put to music promises relief for those young men who have been wandering through life without purpose. Abbey Lincoln's poignant "Not in Love" heads in a similar direction. The first chorus of the title tune "Winter Moon" is a sonata for voice and bass in the hands of Sandhaus and master bassist and teacher Rufus Reid. This close-to-classical presentation is evident on other cuts as well, like "For All We Know." Here, Sandhaus works in a dignified setting with pianist Pete Malinverni. The delicate Malinverni piano is critical to the aura of sympathetic understanding that characterizes this session. While the album leans toward the melancholy, it is by no means bereft of brighter moments that uplift the spirits. A seductive "Caravan" and a matter-of-fact "I Should Care" are among the best in this category. But whatever the tempo and mien, Sandhaus stays with the melody, avoiding vocal aerobatics like swoops and scatting and limiting note bending to no more than what's necessary to make her interpretative point. Irrespective of the type of song she is singing, Sandhaus manages to stay relaxed and at ease on all the tunes she delivers. At all times, she treats the lyrics with affection combined with respect. Winter Moon is a fine first-out-of-the-gate album and holds out great promise of more good things in the future. Recommended.

Not in Love / Abbey LincolnJody Sandhaus6:24
It's a Lazy Afternoon / John Latouche / Jerome MorossJody Sandhaus2:19
I Should Care / Sammy Cahn / Axel Stordahl / Paul WestonJody Sandhaus4:05
The Of the Sad Young Men / Fran Landesman / Thomas WolfJody Sandhaus6:04
From This Moment On / Cole PorterJody Sandhaus4:11
You Are There / Dave Frishberg / Johnny MandelJody Sandhaus4:14
You and the Night and the Music / Howard Dietz / Arthur SchwartzJody Sandhaus5:35
Winter Moon / Harold Adamson / Hoagy CarmichaelJody Sandhaus5:42
For All We Know / J. Fred Coots / Sam M. LewisJody Sandhaus3:28
Love Me or Leave Me / Walter Donaldson / Gus KahnJody Sandhaus5:10
I Wish I Knew / Mack Gordon / Harry WarrenJody Sandhaus5:27
Caravan / Duke Ellington / Irving Mills / Juan TizolJody Sandhaus4:58

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