Thomas Kinkade - Music of Light

Thomas Kinkade - Music of Light
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Music of Light

Painter Thomas Kinkade is not the kind of artist who paints for pretentious museum shows or gallery openings. Rather, his mystical paintings--which most often feature beautiful natural settings with angelic lighting--are meant to be hung on walls in comfortable homes, adding beauty to mundane, everyday existence. On this DVD-Audio release, 22 songs that were inspired by the art of the so-called "Painter Of Light" are included. Soft, relaxing, and spiritual, these songs are accompanied by changing images of Kinkade's best, most inspiring paintings. Together, the music and visuals are both soothing and entertaining.

PrologueThomas Kinkade
Colors of LightThomas Kinkade
Yukon River (Main Theme)Thomas Kinkade
Anchored in the GroundThomas Kinkade
Lingering DuskThomas Kinkade
Author of All I SeeThomas Kinkade
Yosemite ValleyThomas Kinkade
Autumn Lane (Coda)Thomas Kinkade
Beacon of HopeThomas Kinkade
Healing WatersThomas Kinkade
Sea of Tranquility (Main Theme)Thomas Kinkade

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