Modern Traditions Ensemble - New Old Music

Modern Traditions Ensemble - New Old Music
Recording Location:
Zabumba Studios, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Release Date:
August 9, 2005
Recording Date:
June, 2003
New Old Music
Brazilian Traditions

This is a wonderful set of mostly traditional Brazilian music played by a quintet having the slightly unusual instrumentation of mandolin, soprano sax, guitar, piano, and percussion.

The name of the group, the Modern Traditions Ensemble, may be bland and faceless, but the music is full of life, beautiful melodies, and impeccable playing. Baritonist Teco Cardoso is a guest on "Coxixando." Some of the songs are more familiar than others, and all of the treatments are colorful, filled with subtle surprises. The five musicians, although not well known in the United States, are highly respected in their native Brazil and blend together beautifully. This is New Old Music that is impossible not to enjoy.

Highly recommended.

Proezas de Solon (Solon's Exploits) / PixinguinhaModern Traditions Ensemble4:00
Vibrações (Vibrations) / Jacob Do BandolimModern Traditions Ensemble7:48
Sonoroso (Sonorous)Modern Traditions Ensemble3:18
Pérolas (Pearls) / Jacob Do BandolimModern Traditions Ensemble6:48
Lamentos Do MorroModern Traditions Ensemble6:44
Gotas Do Ouro (Golden Drops) / Ernesto NazarethModern Traditions Ensemble6:43
Coxixando (Whispering) / PixinguinhaModern Traditions Ensemble5:50
Lamentos (Moans) / PixinguinhaModern Traditions Ensemble6:23
Cheguei (I Arrived) / PixinguinhaModern Traditions Ensemble6:16

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