Phyllis Hyman - The Best of Phyllis Hyman: The Buddah Years

Phyllis Hyman - The Best of Phyllis Hyman: The Buddah Years
Release Date:
April 16, 1995
The Best of Phyllis Hyman: The Buddah Years
Quiet Storm, Urban, Vocal Jazz, Adult Contemporary R&B

Released in 1995 by Sequel, The Best of Phyllis Hyman: The Buddah Years is almost exactly like Greatest Hits, a 1994 set from Kama Sutra.

The only difference is that "The Night Bird Gets the Love" is included here instead of "Was Yesterday Such a Long Time Ago." It's a very minor difference. So, this has the same problems that Greatest Hits suffers from, since it doesn't include a handful of chart hits, which are swapped out in favor of album cuts. "Loving You, Losing You," "No One Can Love You More," "I Don't Want to Lose You," and "Living Inside Your Love" -- all staples of your typical Hyman compilation -- are included.

Loving You, Losing You / Thom BellPhyllis Hyman7:41
No One Can Love You More / Skip ScarboroughPhyllis Hyman4:20
One Thing on My Mind / Richard Germinaro / Evie SandsPhyllis Hyman5:30
I Don't Want to Lose You / Thom Bell / Linda CreedPhyllis Hyman5:31
Deliver the Love / Onaje Allan Gumbs / Ausar SahwPhyllis Hyman3:02
The Night Bird Gets the LovePhyllis Hyman4:20
Beautiful Man of Mine / Larry AlexanderPhyllis Hyman6:20
Children of the World / Hubert Eaves IIIPhyllis Hyman2:55
Living Inside Your Love / Skip Scarborough / Renee TaylorPhyllis Hyman6:17
Sweet Music / Al MartinezPhyllis Hyman3:50
The Answer Is You / Mark RadicePhyllis Hyman5:09
Love Is Free / Mark RadicePhyllis Hyman3:51
Sing a Song / Philip Bailey / Ernest StraughterPhyllis Hyman3:40
Soon Come Again / Larry Alexander / Sandy ToranoPhyllis Hyman3:33
Be Careful (How You Treat My Love) / Garry GlennPhyllis Hyman4:12

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