Capercaillie - Choice Language

Capercaillie - Choice Language
Release Date:
September 23, 2003
Choice Language
Celtic Fusion, Adult Alternative, Contemporary Celtic, Celtic, Celtic New Age, Worldbeat

Critics have a great deal to say about Scotland's Capercaillie. While their musicianship is impeccable, their slick worldbeat arrangements and increasingly electronic soundscapes have isolated and angered some, leaving a cold chasm between contemporary and traditional Celtic music fans. Capercaillie's 14th collection of material, Choice Language, breaks little ground for the veteran band yet maintains the same perfectionist's level of quality found on their previous records. Lead vocalist Karen Matheson's voice is breathtaking whether she's singing in Gaelic, as on the African-tinged "The Old Crone (Port na Caillich)," or English, as on the beautiful closer "I Will Set My Ship in Order." The band, especially the rhythm section, morph effortlessly from reel to rock to reggae with a subtlety that can only come from years of performing together, further cementing their reputation as one of the genre's premiere live acts. There is definite artistry to Capercaillie; however, one can't help but envision the 12 songs on Choice Language playing harmlessly behind the blue and white graphics of your local forecast on The Weather Channel.

Mile Marbhaisg (A Thousand Curses)Capercaillie4:33
Homer's ReelCapercaillie3:51
The Old Crone [Port Na Caillich]Capercaillie3:43
Little Do They KnowCapercaillie5:25
At Dawn of DayCapercaillie5:09
The Boy WhoCapercaillie4:29
The Sound of SleatCapercaillie4:26
Nuair a Chi Thu Caileag BhoidheachCapercaillie4:54
Who Will Raise Their Voice?Capercaillie4:48
A State of YearningCapercaillie4:39
Sort of SlidesCapercaillie5:11
I Will Set My Ship in OrderCapercaillie6:03

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