Ant-Bee - With My Favourite "Vegetables" and Other Bizarre Muzik

Ant-Bee - With My Favourite
Recording Date:
1990 - 1992
With My Favourite "Vegetables" and Other Bizarre Muzik
Lunar Egg-Clips Runs AmuckAnt-Bee3:45
The Girl With the Stars In Her HairAnt-Bee6:30
Motorhead Snorks - Motorhead Speaks / Jim SherwoodAnt-Bee1:02
"the Live Jam": Once the Clothes Are Off/Greenbeans, Stringbeans, & Other Assorted Vegetables/Moonpie - Cooked IAnt-Bee14:02
Jimmy Carl Black Speakin' At Ya / Jimmy Carl BlackAnt-Bee1:37
In a StarAnt-Bee3:08
Do You Like Worms? / Van Dyke Parks / Brian WilsonAnt-Bee4:47
Bunk Speaks / Bunk GardnerAnt-Bee2:48
Another Gardner Variation / Bunk GardnerAnt-Bee1:13
Pachuco Falsetto Laughs / Roy EstradaAnt-Bee0:14
Here We Go Round the Lemon Tree / Roy WoodAnt-Bee3:01
Who Slew the Beast?Ant-Bee6:11
Dom Dewild Speaks / Don PrestonAnt-Bee2:24
Dom Dewild Tranzforms (Before Your Very Ears) / Don PrestonAnt-Bee1:09
Dom Dewild Speaks Again / Don PrestonAnt-Bee1:03
Child of the Moon / Mick JaggerAnt-Bee3:23
Come With Us Now / DunawayAnt-Bee3:02
Eighteen [Live] / DunawayAnt-Bee5:01
Cirrus Minor [Demo]Ant-Bee2:03

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