Scout - This Soft Life

Scout - This Soft Life
Release Date:
October 7, 2003
This Soft Life
Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock, Lo-Fi

Scout's Ashen Keilyn comes into her own as a songwriter and as a singer on the band's sophomore album, This Soft Life. Her confidence as an artist comes full circle nearly ten years after planting herself in the East Village dwellings of New York City. Her musical magic with childhood pal/drummer Nigel Rawles is stronger than ever, positioning Scout to merge their indie rock stylings with radio-ready dynamics for a full, lovely sound. Producer/engineer Carl Glanville (Counting Crows, Jesse Malin, Shudder to Think) maintains Scout's flowing, pre-grunge design by surrounding Keilyn's soft, brooding vocals with intricate arrangements from Rawles and new guitarist Brian Silverman. As a trio, Scout has never sounded more relaxed or more together as they do on This Soft Life. Songs such as "Before You" and "Good Enough For Now" are unshaken pop gems with pulsating riffs, while "Come On & Go," and "No One Asked You" are melancholy and edgy. This Soft Life is an intimate soundscape that doesn't expand beyond the band's intentionally warm presentation. Scout keeps things minimal and such a move allows the songs to speak for themselves.

Unlimited Weekends / Ashen KeilynScout4:11
Before You / Ashen KeilynScout2:59
Here's the Thing / Ashen KeilynScout2:46
Just Between You and Me / Myles GoodwynScout3:51
Good Enough for Now / Ashen KeilynScout3:25
No One Asked You / Ashen KeilynScout3:14
Never Never / Ashen KeilynScout4:08
One Day Jimmy Thorton Will Walk Away Lopsided w/$ / Ashen KeilynScout0:39
Come on & Go / Ashen KeilynScout4:00
Here Come the Waterworks / Ashen KeilynScout5:52
All We Ever Wanted Was Everything / Ashen KeilynScout4:23
Fly on the Window / Ashen KeilynScout3:19
[Untitled/Hidden] / Ashen KeilynScout0:51

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