Godzuki - Your Future

Godzuki - Your Future
Release Date:
March 28, 2000
Your Future
Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Ambient Pop, Dream Pop, Experimental Rock, Indie Electronic, Indie Pop, Indie Rock

Your Future, the second album from Godzuki, continues the sonic experiments begun by the band on their debut Trail of the Lonesome Pine but adds more electronics to their science rock. Songs like "He'd Turn Us Up," "Rock 4/Rock 5" and "Tele-Fone," with their squelchy synths and lock-groove beats, have a strong retro-futuristic bent that sounds unique from other bands mining similar late-'70s/early-'80s territory.The overall sound of Your Future is smoother and more expressive, with singer Erika Hoffman's voice higher and clearer in the mix. Warren Defever's sonic wizadry is also put to better use on this album, giving each song a distinctive but cohesive feel. "Count the Rings" and "Apple Gate" have a plush, velvety sheen, "He'd Turn Us Up" is icy and brittle, while "Who's Gonna Hold the Rope" mixes light, clear guitars with sludgy undercurrents of noise. Your Future reaches Godzuki's goal of scientifically engineered noise pop.

Your FutureGodzuki2:50
Love CrownGodzuki2:20
Count the RingsGodzuki3:11
He'd Turn Us UpGodzuki3:16
I Feel Like MothGodzuki3:22
Apple GateGodzuki3:06
Rock 4/Rock 5Godzuki5:36
Haunted ValleyGodzuki2:50
Sew My HandGodzuki2:26
The LeapGodzuki3:20
Who's Gonna Hold the RopeGodzuki2:32

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