Wolfstone - Pick of the Litter: The Best of Wolfstone 1991-1996

Wolfstone - Pick of the Litter: The Best of Wolfstone 1991-1996
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Pick of the Litter: The Best of Wolfstone 1991-1996
Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Celtic, Folk-Rock, Psychedelic/Garage, Celtic Rock

An excellent place to start getting into Wolfstone's brand of rock 'n' reel. As with Horslips before them, Wolfstone's approach is to blend traditional Celtic themes with more contemporary rock instrumentation and songwriting, resulting in a raucous end result.

Unlike Horslips, however, Wolfstone have no ambitions to crack the pop charts as such, so never lose sight of the Celtic and folk origins of their work. What does get lost on occasion is their drive -- 1996's The Half Tail was an unusually weak effort.

Battle / TraditionalWolfstone3:30
Tall Ships / Ivan DreverWolfstone4:54
Glass & The Can / Ivan DreverWolfstone4:31
Cleveland Park / Ivan DreverWolfstone4:09
Heart & Soul / Duncan Chisholm / Ivan DreverWolfstone3:15
The Howl / Andrew MurrayWolfstone7:27
White Gown / Duncan Chisholm / Ivan DreverWolfstone4:20
Glenglass / Stuart EagleshamWolfstone5:26
Brave Foot Soldiers / Ivan DreverWolfstone4:46
Dinner's Set / Phil Cunningham / Ivan DreverWolfstone4:13
Sleepy Toon / TraditionalWolfstone3:47
The £10 Float / Ivan DreverWolfstone5:10
Holy Ground / Duncan Chisholm / Ivan DreverWolfstone3:49
Clueless / Gordon Duncan / Michael GrayWolfstone3:56
No Tie Ups / Stuart EagleshamWolfstone4:07

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