Ken Colyer - Very Very Live at the 100 Club

Ken Colyer - Very Very Live at the 100 Club
Recording Location:
100 Club
Release Date:
June 28, 1972
Recording Date:
June 28, 1972
Very Very Live at the 100 Club
New Orleans Jazz, Skiffle

Trumpeter Ken Colyer and the 1972 version of his Jazzmen (with clarinetist Sammy Rimington, trombonist Keith Avison, pianist Ron Weatherburn, banjoist John Griffith, bassist Annie Hawkins and drummer Colin Browden) are caught at a typically rambunctious live performance, first released on this 1995 CD. The recording balance is a bit off (the piano and occasional vocals are very low), and there are times when the intonation of Colyer and Rimington is a little erratic.

However, the performances -- particularly the stirring ensembles -- are quite enjoyable, especially such numbers as "Weary Blues," "Clarinet Marmalade," "When You Wore a Tulip" and "I Said I Wasn't Going to Tell Nobody." Although not essential, fans of Ken Colyer and British trad jazz will want this one.

Weary Blues / Artie MatthewsKen Colyer feat: Ken Colyer's Jazzmen5:32
Old Kentucky Home / Stephen FosterKen Colyer feat: Ken Colyer's Jazzmen7:38
Clarinet Marmalade / Henry W. Ragas / Larry ShieldsKen Colyer feat: Ken Colyer's Jazzmen6:46
I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None of This Jelly RollKen Colyer feat: Ken Colyer's Jazzmen7:39
St Philip Street BreakdownKen Colyer feat: Ken Colyer's Jazzmen4:34
When You Wore a Tulip (And I Wore a Big Red Rose) / Jack Mahoney / Percy WenrichKen Colyer feat: Ken Colyer's Jazzmen7:15
Careless Love / W.C. Handy / Martha E. Koenig / Spencer WilliamsKen Colyer feat: Ken Colyer's Jazzmen9:49
I Said I Wasn't Going to Tell NobodyKen Colyer feat: Ken Colyer's Jazzmen7:36
Moose MarchKen Colyer feat: Ken Colyer's Jazzmen5:26
Red Wing / Jay Chataway / Irving MillsKen Colyer feat: Ken Colyer's Jazzmen5:20
Till We Meet Again / Raymond B. Egan / Richard A. WhitingKen Colyer feat: Ken Colyer's Jazzmen2:26

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