Willie Nelson - Blame It on the Times

Willie Nelson - Blame It on the Times
Release Date:
November 11, 1997
Blame It on the Times
Progressive Country, Contemporary Country, Outlaw Country

Collecting a variety of the songs with which Willie Nelson hoped to achieve country stardom in the 1960s, Blame It on the Times makes it plain both that Nelson was a master songwriter, and that with his relaxed, jazzy delivery and a voice that had yet to achieve the weathered quality of his later years, Nashville was no place for him. With titles like "You Wouldn't Cross the Street to Say Goodbye" and "Why Are You Always Picking on Me," the material here is ideal for crying in your beer, but a world away from the outlaw country music he'd start recording in the early '70s.

I Just Don't Understand / Willie Nelson / Kent Westberry / Marijohn WilkinWillie Nelson2:49
You'll Always Have Someone / Hank Cochran / Willie NelsonWillie Nelson2:56
Blame It on the Times / Willie NelsonWillie Nelson2:18
You Wouldn't Cross the Street to Say Goodbye / Willie NelsonWillie Nelson1:49
Suffering in Silence / Willie NelsonWillie Nelson2:29
Home Is Where You're Happy / Willie NelsonWillie Nelson3:03
I Can't Find the Time / Hank Cochran / Willie NelsonWillie Nelson2:48
Shelter of Your Arms / Shirley Collie / Willie NelsonWillie Nelson2:44
Why Are You Picking on Me? / Willie NelsonWillie Nelson1:57
Any Old Arms Won't Do / Hank Cochran / Willie NelsonWillie Nelson2:49
Follow Me Around / Willie NelsonWillie Nelson2:44
I Don't Feel Anything / Willie NelsonWillie Nelson2:31
Who Do I Know in Dallas / Hank Cochran / Willie NelsonWillie Nelson2:29
So Much to Do / Willie NelsonWillie Nelson3:11
Medley: Record Man/Hello Walls/One Day at a Time / Willie NelsonWillie Nelson5:17

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