Erie Mills - Always It's Spring

Erie Mills - Always It's Spring
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Always It's Spring
Vocal Music
Always It's Spring ("Who knows if the moon's a balloon"), for voice & pianoErie Mills1:48
What if..., for voice & pianoErie Mills2:25
The Doe ("Through the snow the gentle doe"), for voice & pianoErie Mills0:59
She tells her love, for voice & pianoErie Mills1:38
The Serpent, for voice & pianoErie Mills4:31
Two Little Flowers, song for voice & piano, S. 379 (K. 6B68)Erie Mills1:17
Ann Street, song for voice & piano, S. 211 (K. 6B67)Erie Mills0:59
Memories, song for voice & piano, S. 297 (K. 6B26a)Erie Mills0:39
To DaffodillsErie Mills3:35
The SnailErie Mills2:19
The SnowflakeErie Mills0:59
If you were coming in the FallErie Mills2:10
The little Stone, for voice & pianoErie Mills0:53
This and my HeartErie Mills1:15
Is There Such A Thing As Day?, for voice & pianoErie Mills1:06
Weeping and Sighing, for voice & pianoErie Mills1:12
The Sabbath, for voice & pianoErie Mills1:31
AristocracyErie Mills0:39
The Rose did Caper on her CheekErie Mills1:56
Bee! I'm expecting you, for voice & pianoErie Mills1:02
Nobody knows this little Rose, for voice & pianoErie Mills1:52
Good morning, Midnight, for voice & pianoErie Mills2:08
Heart! We will forget him!, for voice & pianoErie Mills0:59
Remembrance - Swing SetErie Mills4:24
Remember - Hungry SquirrelErie Mills3:55
Reaffirmation - Red RoseErie Mills2:37
Six Songs for High Voice, for voice & orchestra (or piano)
Song for a GirlErie Mills1:05
In a GondolaErie Mills2:02
Pippa's SongErie Mills1:51

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