Johnny Cymbal - The Very Best of Johnny Cymbal

Johnny Cymbal - The Very Best of Johnny Cymbal
Release Date:
Recording Date:
December 14, 1962 - October 14, 1964
The Very Best of Johnny Cymbal
Teen Idols

Johnny Cymbal's high-pitched vocals sound feminine on "Mr. Bass Man" (many initially thought it was a female/male duet), and it's here with 11 others including an alternate take.

A more mature Cymbal is displayed on innocent, dreamy ballads like "Sacred Lovers Vow," "Teenage Heaven," and teen dramas "Little Miss Lonely" and "Shades of Blue." A must for American Bandstand and 16 Magazine fans.

Mr. Bass Man / Johnny CymbalJohnny Cymbal2:43
Sacred Lovers Vow / Al Frisch / Larry KusicJohnny Cymbal2:30
Teenage Heaven / Johnny Cymbal / Jack GaleJohnny Cymbal3:32
Cinderella Baby / Larry Kusic / Matthew MauerJohnny Cymbal2:20
Dum Dum Dee Dum / Marvin Moore / Bernie WayneJohnny Cymbal2:08
Marshmallow / Hank Hunter / Stan VincentJohnny Cymbal2:13
There Goes a Bad Girl / Bobby Darin / Arthur ResnickJohnny Cymbal2:32
Robinson Crusoe on Mars / Leon Carr / Earl ShumanJohnny Cymbal2:47
Little Miss Lonely / Johnny CymbalJohnny Cymbal2:38
16 Shades of Blue / Johnny CymbalJohnny Cymbal2:32
Cheat! Cheat! / Charles BlackwellJohnny Cymbal2:50
Mr. Bass Man / Johnny CymbalJohnny Cymbal2:35

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