Fordirelifesake - A Daydream Disaster

Fordirelifesake - A Daydream Disaster
Release Date:
July 26, 2005
A Daydream Disaster
Alternative/Indie Rock, Doom Metal, Heavy Metal, Post-Hardcore

Not quite Fordirelifesake's second album, A Daydream Disaster is a compilation of 12 previously released tracks from singles, split EPs, and compilations. However, since this kind of metalcore is best appreciated in small doses anyway, the idea of album structure and flow doesn't really come into play anyway. While there is a bit of filler here, such as the descriptively titled minute-long "Acoustic Instrumental," the best tracks on A Daydream Disaster surpass most of Fordirelifesake's previous full-length. In particular, "The Perfect Way to Cut Myself" is basically a textbook example of screamo, and the nearly nine-minute epic "She Loves Me Not," with its spoken word interludes and side trips into Sonic Youth-style dissonance, is proof that metalcore is able to have its too-tight stylistic parameters pried open at times. More than a stopgap before the next "real" Fordirelifesake album, A Daydream Disaster is a key part of the band's musical development in one easy package.

Four Letter LieFordirelifesake4:54
Acoustic InstrumentalFordirelifesake1:01
The Perfect Way to Cut MyselfFordirelifesake3:08
She Loves Me NotFordirelifesake8:45
Into What We Call Stars, For Patient ImperfectionsFordirelifesake3:43
Falling For the PromiseFordirelifesake5:30
Sweet, We Forgot to Name Our Cover SongFordirelifesake3:43
We Burn in Our Own ComfortFordirelifesake4:04
These Nights Will Define MeFordirelifesake2:45
Insecurities Securing TragedyFordirelifesake3:00
Love SongFordirelifesake4:27

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