Lil Cyco - Get Money, Have Heart

Lil Cyco - Get Money, Have Heart
Recording Location:
Blocwize Studios, Los Angeles, CA; Fonk On Sight Studios, Sacramento, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Neon Cactus Studios, Akron, OH; One Vibe Studios, Las Vegas, NV; San Diego, CA; The Compound, Sacramento, CA; The MOB Shop, Las Vegas, NV; The Underground Spot, Las Vegas, NV; The Velvet Goldmine, Las Vegas, NV
Release Date:
August 15, 2006
Get Money, Have Heart
Hardcore Rap
Intro (Crack Music)Lil Cyco1:00
I AmLil Cyco3:59
War PactLil Cyco feat: AP.9 / Pretty Black3:49
Bust My GunLil Cyco feat: Gonzoe / Coz Pacino3:31
Touchin' TicketsLil Cyco feat: Smigg Dirtee3:53
Coutin' MoneyLil Cyco3:58
Ridin' Wit Me / S. ThomasLil Cyco feat: C-Bone23:58
Duck DownLil Cyco feat: AP.93:45
Stack Somethin'Lil Cyco3:53
My New StyleLil Cyco3:00
Fuck YallLil Cyco feat: Gonzoe2:47
Put the Whip on the WorkLil Cyco4:07
Switch It UpLil Cyco feat: Ampichino / Fed X3:02
Get It How You Want ItLil Cyco feat: AP.93:21
Give Me Some MoreLil Cyco2:38
Showem How We... / K. ThompsonLil Cyco4:22
Mob (The Grand Finale)Lil Cyco feat: AP.9 / Gonzoe4:47

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