E-40 - Grit & Grind

E-40 - Grit & Grind
Recording Location:
Bombay Digital Studios, Los Angeles, CA; The Den & Doppler Studios; The Orange Room; The Sound Lab; VMF Studios
Release Date:
June 25, 2002
Grit & Grind
West Coast Rap, G-Funk, Gangsta Rap

In a rap world increasingly populated by monotoned players and smoother-than-smooth R&B crooners, E-40's deft delivery and playful wordplay remain a real breath of fresh air.

As usual for him (as well as most rappers), Grit & Grind has a few too many tracks; still, it's definitely front-loaded with talent, from the opener, "Why They Don't F**k Wit Us" (punctuated by organ lines and a female chorus), to the second track, "The Slap," with a barrage of rhyming riffs that finds him worrying a batch of suffixes like a dog with a bone. The productions, most by Rick Rock, are fleshed-out and never reliant on the usual West Coast clich├ęs. The metro-mentioning "Rep Yo City," with Petey Pablo, Eightball, Bun B, Lil' Jon & the Eastside Boyz, is another highlight.

Why They Don't F**k Wit Us / D. Stevens / E. Stevens / Rahiem Prince ThomasE-404:06
The Slap / E. Stevens / T.M. Stevens / Rahiem Prince ThomasE-404:03
Automatic / Kenny Gamble / A. Jackson / J.J. Jackson / E. Stevens / Rahiem Prince ThomasE-40 feat: Fabolous4:42
Rep Yo City / P. Smith / E. StevensE-40 feat: 8Ball / Bun B / Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz / Lil Jon / Petey Pablo5:13
It's All Gravity / E. Stevens / Rahiem Prince ThomasE-404:20
7 Much / Sam Bostic / J.B. Long / Michael Mosley / E. Stevens / T.M. StevensE-40 feat: Kokane3:27
Mustard and Mayonnaise (Intro) / A. Payne / E. StevensE-400:58
Mustard and Mayonnaise / A. Payne / E. StevensE-403:47
My Cup / E. Stevens / T.M. StevensE-40 feat: Suga T3:46
Whomp Whomp / A. Gilmour / E. Stevens / C. WilliamsE-403:51
Lifestyles / E. StevensE-403:58
'Til the Dawn / E. StevensE-40 feat: Bosko / Suga Free4:38
End of the World / E. Stevens / Rahiem Prince ThomasE-404:47
It's a Man's Game / E. Stevens / Rahiem Prince ThomasE-403:41
Pimps, Hustlas (Intro) / A. Gilmour / L. E. King / E. StevensE-40 feat: James "Stomp Down" Bailey1:06
Pimps, Hustlas / A. Gilmour / L. E. King / E. StevensE-404:00
Fallin' Rain / E. Stevens / Rahiem Prince ThomasE-403:47
Roll On / E. StevensE-40 feat: Afroman / B-Legit5:34

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