Geoff Muldaur - Beautiful Isle of Somewhere

Geoff Muldaur - Beautiful Isle of Somewhere
Recording Location:
Moments, Bremen, Germany
Release Date:
April 22, 2003
Recording Date:
May 30, 1999
Beautiful Isle of Somewhere
Contemporary Blues, Acoustic Blues, Contemporary Folk, Folk-Blues

Recorded live in Bremen, Germany, Beautiful Isle of Somewhere documents the re-emergence of Geoff Muldaur to the concert stage. After having spent most of the '80s and '90s concentrating on film scores, the business side of music, and computer-related projects, Muldaur returned to the studio and released 1998's acclaimed The Secret Handshake. The success of this disc prompted a small tour of Europe that led him to the Moments club in Bremen, where this intimate solo performance was recorded. With his gentle guitar and beautifully weathered voice, Muldaur moves effortlessly through a comfortable collection of folk-blues standards and originals for a subdued yet appreciative German audience. Songs selected for this set provide a nice variety that crosses through different factions of blues music, with Muldaur's voice easily matching the tone and style of each composition. Unlike some of today's blues singers who lick and trill their way though lyrics, his unadorned vocal work quietly conveys the ghostly character in Walter Davis' "I Can't See Your Face Anymore," while coming vibrantly to life on a rockin' version of Sleepy John Estes' "Drop Down Mama." His pipes get a workout on Vera Hall's "The Wild Ox Moan," a highlight from The Secret Handshake, where he caps off phrases with a tripping falsetto "moan." Even more so in concert than in the studio, Muldaur is able to showcase his mastery and passion for the blues, and this warmly affective performance stands as undeniable proof.

The Common ColdGeoff Muldaur2:39
My Tears Came Rolling Down / Walter DavisGeoff Muldaur3:16
Wild About My Lovin' / Jim JacksonGeoff Muldaur4:10
Downtown Blues / Jim JacksonGeoff Muldaur2:52
Gee Baby Ain't I Good to You / Andy RazafGeoff Muldaur3:50
Motherless ChildGeoff Muldaur3:18
Just a Little While to Stay Here / Chris Barber / Eugene Bartlett / TraditionalGeoff Muldaur4:54
The Wild Ox Moan / Vera Hall / Ruby Pickens TarttGeoff Muldaur5:43
I Can't See Your Face Anymore / Walter DavisGeoff Muldaur6:08
Trouble Soon Be Over / Blind Willie JohnsonGeoff Muldaur5:19
Drop Down Mama / Sleepy John EstesGeoff Muldaur4:00
Tennessee Blues / Bobby Charles / Bill MonroeGeoff Muldaur3:52
Got to Find Blind Lemon, Pt. 1 / Geoff MuldaurGeoff Muldaur4:53
Sloppy Drunk / Jimmy RogersGeoff Muldaur4:22
Prairie Lullabye / William J. HillGeoff Muldaur3:18
Beautiful Isle of Somewhere / Jessie PoundsGeoff Muldaur3:15

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