Derrick Harriott - Riding the Musical Chariot

Derrick Harriott - Riding the Musical Chariot
Release Date:
Recording Date:
1968 - 1971
Riding the Musical Chariot
Rocksteady, Ska

Compiling 17 Harriott productions from 1968-1971, as the rocksteady era shifted into the reggae age, Riding the Musical Chariot features a glorious melange of DJs, singers, duos, trios, and instrumentals, and includes hits and rarities alike. Particular attention is given to the superb vocal duo Keith & Tex, who are represented by four tracks here, including a previously unreleased medley and the tough to find "Lonely Man." Of equal interest is the pair's original version of "Don't Look Back," later a hit, of course, for Peter Tosh and Mick Jagger. Finally, there's their fabulous cover of "Stop That Train," whose rhythm was immortalized by DJ Scotty on The Harder They Come soundtrack. Scotty's version is not here, but a rousing one comes courtesy of Big Youth, while the Crystalites also contribute a charming instrumental take on the song. Two more equally entertaining instrumentals by the band are also featured. Scotty does however make an appearance, toasting over Harriott's own classic "Do I Worry." The original is one of two of the producer's own songs included (the other's an excellent cover of "Solomon").

Of equal note are two cuts by the always fabulous the Ethiopians, and a pair by the equally sublime Kingstonians. The sadly neglected Rudy Mills is also showcased, and finally there's Lloyd (Robinson) and Glen (Brown)'s superb hit "That Girl." From rarities to well-loved classics, Musical Chariot boasts an unforgettable group of songs, and is a powerful reminder that as a producer, Harriott was the equal of his more illustrious colleagues.

Don't Look BackDerrick Harriott3:14
Do I Worry? / Stanley Cowan / Bobby WorthDerrick Harriott2:50
I Worry / Derrick HarriottDerrick Harriott feat: Scotty2:50
Alfred HitchcockDerrick Harriott3:05
Solomon / Derrick HarriottDerrick Harriott2:49
Lonely ManDerrick Harriott2:42
Throne of Justice / Leonard DillonDerrick Harriott feat: The Ethiopians2:44
No Baptism / Leonard DillonDerrick Harriott feat: The Ethiopians2:40
MedleyDerrick Harriott feat: The Kingstonians3:26
Long Story / Derrick HarriottDerrick Harriott feat: Rudy Mills3:11
Stop That TrainDerrick Harriott3:13
Easy RideDerrick Harriott feat: Ike Bennett & The Crystalites3:38
Cool Breeze / Manley BuchananDerrick Harriott feat: Big Youth3:26
Winey, Winey / C. BernardDerrick Harriott feat: The Kingstonians3:40
The BadDerrick Harriott3:48
That Girl / Glen Brown / Lloyd RobinsonDerrick Harriott feat: Lloyd & Glen2:22
Keith and Tex MedleyDerrick Harriott4:05

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