Literature - Chorus

Literature - Chorus
Recording Location:
Marlborough Farms, Brooklyn, NY
Release Date:
August 19, 2014
Recording Date:
2013 - 2014
Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Pop

The Philadelphia-by-way-of-Austin combo Literature are students of indie pop and if their second album, Chorus, was their final paper, they would pass the class with flying colors. Not an A+ exactly, but a solid A- that leaves room for future improvement. Recorded by Ladybug Transistor's Gary Olson at his Marlborough Farms studio, the album has a warm sound that is extremely welcoming, while at the same time able to whip up plenty of excitement. Great chunks of the album sound like reverb-coated interpretations of classic Orange Juice or Smiths songs, other parts sound like a more nimble Pains of Being Pure at Heart or a less bloated Neutral Milk Hotel, but ultimately the band's own personality comes through. This is partly due to Kevin Attics' charmingly nasally vocals that sound more post-punky than indie pop, as well as the whip-smart guitar interplay between Attics and Nathaniel Cardaci and the always punchy rhythm section of Seth Whaland and Chris Schackerman.

The lads play every song like it's their last and it's hard to not be swept away by their energy and commitment. The rapid tumble of excellent songs, almost every one sounding like it could have been released as a single, helps too. The bandmembers barely take a breath as they race through one jangling, rumbling pop gem after another, only taking a break from the breakneck tempo on the pretty "Chime Hours." Chorus is a breathless rush of pop smarts, sure-handed songwriting, and pogo-ing energy that blows away other bands that take a more considered approach to their indie pop. Literature know that it takes more than a nice tune to really connect, and the whole album sounds desperate to make a connection. By the end, they've made a lasting impression, and fans of indie pop looking for a band that isn't afraid to work to win them over should be forking over their hard-earned cash for Chorus as soon as possible.

The Girl, The Gold Watch, And EverythingLiterature2:17
The English SoftheartsLiterature2:24
Tie-Dye (Your Life)Literature2:15
New JacketLiterature3:17
Chime HoursLiterature3:17
Dance ShoesLiterature2:31

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