Brian Eno - Music for Films, Vol. 3

Brian Eno - Music for Films, Vol. 3
Recording Location:
Berlin, Germany; Brian Eno's Studio, Suffolk, England; Civilization Z Studio, Moscow, Russia; Daniel Lanois' Studio, Ontario, Canada; Obus, Devon, England; Paladium Studio, Edinburgh, Scottland; Utopia Studs, London, England; Zaragoza, Spain
Release Date:
Recording Date:
1983 - 1988
Music for Films, Vol. 3
Electronic/Computer Music, Ambient, Art Rock, Experimental, Experimental Electronic, Film Music, Soundtracks

Music for Films, Vol. 3, is a set of mismatched pieces by Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno (aka Eno). They are from his voluminous works for cinema, installations, shorts, and other related media. The disc contains 15 short pieces (only one is over five minutes). In that regard, there is a distinct similarity to his new wave pop music from the '70s. This CD is, however, all instrumental, largely electronic, and distinctly Eno. Despite their dissimilar origins, these tracks have definite cohesion. Eno injects avant-garde timbres and metallic textures into each composition. The flow is smooth, the atmospheres are vast, and the soundscapes are vivid. This is a very cool montage of Eno's work.

Tension Block / Brian Eno / Daniel LanoisBrian Eno feat: Daniel Lanois3:13
Err / Michael BrookBrian Eno feat: Michael Brook4:03
4 Minute WarningBrian Eno feat: John Paul Jones3:57
For Her Atoms / Lydia Kavina / Misha MahlinBrian Eno feat: Lydia Kavina / Misha Mahlin3:36
Balthus Bemused by Color / Harold BuddBrian Eno feat: Harold Budd5:19
Theme from Creation / Brian EnoBrian Eno3:05
Saint Tom / Brian EnoBrian Eno3:38
White Mustang / Brian Eno / Daniel LanoisBrian Eno feat: Daniel Lanois3:03
Sirens / Brian Eno / Daniel LanoisBrian Eno feat: Daniel Lanois3:10
Asian River / Brian EnoBrian Eno4:24
Zaragoza / LaraajiBrian Eno feat: Laraaji3:08
Quixote / Roger EnoBrian Eno feat: Roger Eno3:34
Fleeting Smile / Roger EnoBrian Eno feat: Roger Eno2:32
Theme for Opera / Brian Eno / Roger EnoBrian Eno feat: Roger Eno2:33
Kalimba / LaraajiBrian Eno feat: Laraaji2:54

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