Paul Rutherford - Sequences 72 & 73

Paul Rutherford - Sequences 72 & 73
Recording Location:
London, England
Release Date:
September 20, 1972
Recording Date:
September 20, 1972 - May 13, 1974
Sequences 72 & 73
Free Improvisation

Rutherford composed the music for two lengthy large ensemble pieces, but only performs on the solo trombone number sandwiched between them. The big band works are among the finest examples of free jazz composing for a large group. Of course, it helps to have virtuoso performers such as saxophonist Evan Parker, trumpeter Kenny Wheeler, guitarist Derek Bailey, and bassist Barry Guy. Still, the changing textures, organically developed harmonies, and meticulously composed structures lay a wonderful framework for the soloists. Highlights include plenty of Derek Bailey's overdubbed amplified guitar, some splendid piano from Howard Riley, and an outstanding contribution from Evan Parker. Rutherford is particularly fine at blending the vocals of Maggie Nicols and Norma Winstone, which adds extra depth. Rutherford's solo piece is short but very much welcomed as a bonus number.

Sequence 72 / Paul RutherfordPaul Rutherford25:31
Nonsequence / Paul RutherfordPaul Rutherford4:19
Sequence 73 / Paul RutherfordPaul Rutherford27:15

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