Mark Isham - The Moderns

Mark Isham - The Moderns
Recording Location:
Earle-Tones Modern Music Laboratory, Hollywood, CA; Producers Studio, Hollywood, CA
Release Date:
May 23, 1988
The Moderns

Mark Isham's sophisticated, eclectic score to Alan Rudolph's equally sophisticated and eclectic film will pique the interest of both soundtrack fans and followers of post-rock and contemporary chamber music. While the general mood and atmosphere that run throughout THE MODERNS are tied to 1926 Paris--the era in which the film is set--Isham's spacious, angular arrangements and inventive instrumentation (the line-up here includes violin, mandolin, electric guitar, vibraphone, marimba, cello, electronics and drum machines) transform the music into something decidedly postmodern.In his appropriation of period styles and nuances, Isham can be seen working in a vein similar to other like-minded, inventive film composers such as Nino Rota and Ennio Morricone. His use of ragtime ("Really the Blues") and the vaguely creepy, French cabaret balladry of CharlElie Courture ("Paris La Nuit/Selavy") grounds the music in the film's time frame. The ethereal electronica of tracks such as "Death of Irving Fagelman" would not sound out of place alongside most cutting-edge, contemporary ambient music. Given its broad, intriguing range, and its clash of retro/futuristic aesthetics, the soundtrack to THE MODERNS should please any fan of stylistically adventurous, "orchestral" compositions.

Les Modernes / Mark IshamMark Isham6:00
Cale Selavy' / Mark IshamMark Isham4:25
Paris la Nuit/Selavy / Charlélie CoutureMark Isham3:32
Really the Blues / Mark IshamMark Isham3:37
Madame Valentin' / Mark IshamMark Isham5:50
Dada Je Suis / Charlélie CoutureMark Isham1:10
Parlez-Moi d'Amour / Mark IshamMark Isham2:55
La Valse Moderne / Mark IshamMark Isham2:49
Les Peintres / Mark IshamMark Isham2:24
Death of Irving Fagelman / Mark IshamMark Isham1:53
Je Ne Veux Pas de Tes Chocolats / Mark IshamMark Isham2:14
Parlez-Moi d'Amour / Mark IshamMark Isham8:28

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