Pavement - Shady Lane/Slowly Typed

Pavement - Shady Lane/Slowly Typed
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Shady Lane/Slowly Typed
Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock, Lo-Fi

The Shady Lane/Slowly Typed Single is the most disappointing of the three singles released from the Brighten the Corners sessions. Both "Slowly Typed" and "Cherry Area" are alternate versions of "Type Slowly" and "Embassy Row," respectively. "Slowly Typed" is essentially a country version of "Type Slowly," which is rather boring. It seems here that this alternate version is just Pavement mucking about in the studio, and not a serious musical effort (but when are Pavement being completely serious anyway?). "Cherry Area" is a bit more interesting, a stripped-down take on "Embassy Row" which provides an interesting interpretation, but again ultimately seems like aimless wandering. If faced with the decision to purchase any of the three singles, save this one for last. Although it provides a unique perspective on Brighten the Corners material, it comes across as weak and dispassionate.

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