The Pink Fairies - Up the Pinks: Introduction

The Pink Fairies - Up the Pinks: Introduction
Release Date:
April 22, 2003
Up the Pinks: Introduction
Hard Rock, Psychedelic/Garage

Up the Pinks is part of Universal's "Introduction" series, so it's not exactly a greatest-hits package. But it does live up to its title, painting a valid picture of early '70s drughead rockers Pink Fairies as a happily uneven mess of pre-punk noise, weird-beard psychedelia, and petrol-fueled blues rock boogie. "It's rock & roll, and the message is...DO IT!" Twink proclaims on the acid rock-tinged hit single of the same name, and it's a pretty good summation of the Pink Fairies' debauched M.O. "Do It"'s equally scabrous B-side, "The Snake," is here, too; its stripped-down distortion chug suggests Motörhead covering Cream. "Thor" is one minute of backward sludge, while "Uncle Harry's Last Freak Out" and a cover of "Walk, Don't Run" travel in blurry circles of over ten minutes each, alternating blistering noise with echoing atmosphere and the idealistic lyrical ramblings typical of the age ("Everyone should be so happy/Everyone should be so merry/You and me can be so very free," etc.). An additional run through "I Saw Her Standing There" is noneventful rave-up fun, while "Portobello Shuffle" deconstructs the blues into parcels of piercing guitar and pounding, drunken percussion. Universal's bonus track-laden reissues of Neverneverland and Kings of Oblivion are probably the best statement on the Pink Fairies. Still, for those unconvinced of the band's prowess as balladeers, Up the Pinks is a solid collection of its harder-rocking legacy.

Prologue / The Pink FairiesThe Pink Fairies1:21
Right on, Fight On / The Pink FairiesThe Pink Fairies7:59
Portobello Shuffle / The Pink FairiesThe Pink Fairies4:25
Street Urchin / Larry WallisThe Pink Fairies7:05
The Snake / The Pink FairiesThe Pink Fairies3:59
City Kids / Duncan Sanderson / Larry WallisThe Pink Fairies3:44
Say You Love Me / The Pink FairiesThe Pink Fairies3:51
Do It / Russell Hunter / Paul Rudolph / Duncan SandersonThe Pink Fairies4:18
I Saw Her Standing There / John Lennon / Paul McCartneyThe Pink Fairies3:09
Walk, Don't Run / Johnny SmithThe Pink Fairies10:35
Uncle Harry's Last Freak-Out / The Pink FairiesThe Pink Fairies10:55
Thor / John AdlerThe Pink Fairies0:59

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