Joanie Madden - Song of the Irish Whistle

Joanie Madden - Song of the Irish Whistle
Recording Location:
Little Big Feet Studios, Monroe, CT
Release Date:
Recording Date:
Song of the Irish Whistle
Contemporary Instrumental

This sweet-natured and soaring album shines a relaxed contemporary light on the old tin whistle. There's a grand lineup supporting her, too, with John Whelan, Paul Averginos, John Boswell, Eileen Ivers, Jerry O'Sullivan and John Doan mixed in. Not only thoughtful throughout, but fun too, as she proves handily on "The Otter's Nest/Richie Dwyer's," a tune that gives one an idea of how grunge whistle might sound (Madden is, in fact, playing an air whistle, an instrument that sounds like someone tuning an air brake). One of the best releases to date from Hearts of Space's Celtic subsidiary.

The Immigrant / Brian Keane / Joanie MaddenJoanie Madden6:04
Down by the Salley Gardens / TraditionalJoanie Madden3:50
The Otter's Nest/Richie Dwyer's / TraditionalJoanie Madden2:57
The Level Plain / Gerard FahyJoanie Madden4:38
Loftus Jones / Turlough O'CarolanJoanie Madden3:24
Women of Ireland / Seán Ó RiadaJoanie Madden4:20
The Legacy Jig/Tar Road to Sligo / TraditionalJoanie Madden5:17
The Black Rose / TraditionalJoanie Madden4:37
The Mountain of Women / TraditionalJoanie Madden4:20
Flight of the Wild Geese / TraditionalJoanie Madden6:11
The South Wind / TraditionalJoanie Madden4:58
Lord Mayo / TraditionalJoanie Madden3:24

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