Kurious Kurt and the ZugZug-Club - We've Got Our Own "Best of" to Do!

Kurious Kurt and the ZugZug-Club - We've Got Our Own
Recording Location:
Doghouse Studios, Guildford, England; Foolpark Studios, Baar, Switzerland; Planet2Planet, New York, NY; Silverstone Studios, Hannover, Germany
Release Date:
We've Got Our Own "Best of" to Do!
OutlawsKurious Kurt and the ZugZug-Club3:57
Far East ManKurious Kurt and the ZugZug-Club4:50
Ooh La La / Ronnie Lane / Ron WoodKurious Kurt and the ZugZug-Club3:38
Whadd'ya ThinkKurious Kurt and the ZugZug-Club4:02
I Can Feel the FireKurious Kurt and the ZugZug-Club4:18
ForeverKurious Kurt and the ZugZug-Club4:04
We All Get OldKurious Kurt and the ZugZug-Club3:52
Breathe on MeKurious Kurt and the ZugZug-Club5:30
It's Only Rock'n'roll / Mick JaggerKurious Kurt and the ZugZug-Club4:30
Always Wanted MoreKurious Kurt and the ZugZug-Club6:17
I Got Lost When I Found YouKurious Kurt and the ZugZug-Club4:43
HypershineKurious Kurt and the ZugZug-Club3:31
Little GirlKurious Kurt and the ZugZug-Club2:48
Hello Old Friend / Ian McLaganKurious Kurt and the ZugZug-Club3:57
Pascal TalksKurious Kurt and the ZugZug-Club1:42
Alan TalksKurious Kurt and the ZugZug-Club6:29

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