Vancouver Chamber Choir - Due West: Music of Stephen Chatman

Vancouver Chamber Choir - Due West: Music of Stephen Chatman
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Due West: Music of Stephen Chatman

This is a well-performed clutch of choral works by Stephan Chatman entitled Due West. As the title suggests, the music has a frontier atmosphere, hardly avant-garde but consistently pleasant. The performing ensemble is the Vancouver Chamber Choir, directed by Jon Washburn, a group that has garnered awards from around the world, and is clearly on top of the material on this disc. Every one of the 13 works is delivered with sumptuous grace and flawless technique. Washburn has sculpted each piece carefully so that no throwaway renditions mar the product. The sound quality is also excellent, recorded at the ensemble's hometown in 2000 with excellent digital technology. Chatman's choral writing is a convincing mix of practical, hammer and nails colonial singing material with a dash of the experimental Old World, so that the singers deal with a rustic sound much of the time, with the occasional, energy inducing, post-functional harmony. There is not a great deal of musical mystery to the works, but they also have a genuine feel for the Untamed West, from the Klondike to Southern California. What listeners can count on is flawless delivery, making this recording a must-hear for all lovers of choral music

Due West, for chorus
TrainVancouver Chamber Choir1:27
Prairie LullabyVancouver Chamber Choir2:33
WaspsVancouver Chamber Choir1:25
SunsetVancouver Chamber Choir1:56
ChickadeeVancouver Chamber Choir2:21
Thou Whose Harmony is the Music, for oboe & chorusVancouver Chamber Choir4:13
Rossetti Songs (2) for chorus
Song and MusicVancouver Chamber Choir3:45
RememberVancouver Chamber Choir3:05
Rose-cheek'd Laura, Come, for chorusVancouver Chamber Choir1:41
Dryads' Bells, for chorusVancouver Chamber Choir2:17
Elizabethan Summer, for SATB a capella
CuckooVancouver Chamber Choir1:50
Golden SlumbersVancouver Chamber Choir1:56
Come Away, Sweet LoveVancouver Chamber Choir1:25
Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind, for chorusVancouver Chamber Choir5:07
Canadian Folksongs (5) for chorus
À la voletteVancouver Chamber Choir2:44
O Prairie LandVancouver Chamber Choir2:13
An Old Man He Courted MeVancouver Chamber Choir2:42
She's Like the SwallowVancouver Chamber Choir2:24
Lukey's BoatVancouver Chamber Choir1:25
Lux Aeterna, for chorusVancouver Chamber Choir6:01
Gloria, for double choirVancouver Chamber Choir3:05
In Flanders Fields, for chorusVancouver Chamber Choir2:29
In the Glow of the Moon, for women's chorus & pianoVancouver Chamber Choir4:21
Songs of a Prospector, for 3 part (or 4 part) chorus
PalsVancouver Chamber Choir1:13
MemoriesVancouver Chamber Choir2:05
The ScoutVancouver Chamber Choir1:11
Roses I Send To YouVancouver Chamber Choir2:44
The CalliopeVancouver Chamber Choir1:21

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