Stefan Vladar - Schumann: Papillons; Carnaval; Faschingsschwank aus Wien

Stefan Vladar - Schumann: Papillons; Carnaval; Faschingsschwank aus Wien
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Schumann: Papillons; Carnaval; Faschingsschwank aus Wien

Viennese piano virtuoso Stefan Vladar first made his mark in 1988 with a fiery set of Beethoven's piano concertos for Naxos. Shortly after that, Vladar signed with Sony, then at the peak of its power as a classical label, and released blazing recordings of Beethoven Diabelli Variations and Brahms' ballades and First Sonata. After that, except for a single, unexceptional disc of Richard Strauss' piano music, Vladar made no more recordings for nearly a decade until he signed with Harmonia Mundi and released scorching recordings of Chopin's preludes in 2002 and Brahms' late Klavierstücke in 2003. Since then, Vladar's been on a roll and this blistering 2006 disc of three works by Schumann is only going to add heat to his resurgence.

As he did with Beethoven, Brahms, and Chopin, Vladar goes for the jugular with Schumann, ripping into Carnaval, tearing into Faschingsschwank aus Wien, and slashing even Papillions with breathtaking ferocity.

It's not that Vladar can't play poetically when the music calls for it -- there are movements in his Carnaval of tenderest intimacy and moments in his Papillions of evanescent beauty. It's that Vladar is too much of a virtuoso not to take advantage of every opportunity to flash his prowess. So while those who look for more lyricism and less grandstanding in their Schumann may be disappointed, those who love to gasp at prodigious displays of reckless bravado need look no further. Harmonia Mundi's sound is big, close, loud, and very immediate.

Papillons (Butterflies) for piano, Op. 2
1. Introduzione. Moderato dolceStefan Vladar1:01 Amazon
2. PrestissimoStefan Vladar0:25 Amazon
3.Stefan Vladar0:56
4. PrestoStefan Vladar0:41
5.Stefan Vladar1:08 Amazon
6.Stefan Vladar0:54 Amazon
7. SempliceStefan Vladar0:53 Amazon
8.Stefan Vladar1:19 Amazon
9. PrestissimoStefan Vladar0:40 Amazon
10. VivoStefan Vladar1:54 Amazon
11.Stefan Vladar3:01 Amazon
12. FinaleStefan Vladar1:59 Amazon
Carnaval for piano, Op. 9
1. Préambule. Quasi maestosoStefan Vladar2:01 Amazon
2. Pierrot. ModeratoStefan Vladar1:52 Amazon
3. Arlequin. VivoStefan Vladar0:58 Amazon
4. Valse noble. Un poco maestosoStefan Vladar1:54 Amazon
5. Eusebius. AdagioStefan Vladar1:52 Amazon
6. Florestan. PassionatoStefan Vladar0:50 Amazon
7. Coquette. VivoStefan Vladar1:32 Amazon
8. Réplique. L'istesso tempoStefan Vladar0:58 Amazon
9. Papillons. PrestissimoStefan Vladar0:43 Amazon
10. A.S.S.H.-S.C.H.A. (Lettres dansantes). PrestoStefan Vladar0:48 Amazon
11. Chiarina. PassionatoStefan Vladar1:22 Amazon
12. Chopin. AgitatoStefan Vladar1:19 Amazon
13. Estrella. Con affettoStefan Vladar0:25 Amazon
14. Reconnaissance. AnimatoStefan Vladar1:30 Amazon
15. Pantalon et Colombine. PrestoStefan Vladar0:51 Amazon
16. Valse allemande. Molto vivaceStefan Vladar0:52
17. Paganini. Intermezzo, PrestoStefan Vladar1:22
18. Aveu. PassionatoStefan Vladar1:20 Amazon
19. Promenade. ComodoStefan Vladar2:21 Amazon
20. Pause. VivoStefan Vladar0:16 Amazon
21. Marche des Davidsbündler contre les Philistins. Non allegroStefan Vladar3:23 Amazon
Faschingsschwank aus Wien ("Phantasiebilder"), for piano, Op. 26
1. Allegro. Sehr lebhaftStefan Vladar8:53 Amazon
2. Romanze. Ziemlich langsamStefan Vladar2:19 Amazon
3. ScherzinoStefan Vladar1:51 Amazon
4. Intermezzo. Mit größter EnergieStefan Vladar1:58
5. Finale. Höchst lebhaftStefan Vladar5:06 Amazon

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