The Fall - Bend Sinister

The Fall - Bend Sinister
Release Date:
October, 1986
Bend Sinister
Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, College Rock, Post-Punk

Again working with John Leckie on production, the Fall's third Beggars album, Bend Sinister, was a distinctly down affair -- not that the Fall were ever a shiny happy band, of course, but both music and lyrics seemed like a darker corner to dwell in. Happily there was no worry that the Fall would ever go goth; one suspects Mark E. Smith would rather have his tongue removed. Still, opening track "R.O.D." makes for a distinctly lower-key start in comparison to recent leadoffs like "Lay of the Land" and "Bombast," almost sounding a bit like fellow Mancunian legends Joy Division, Smith's lyric his own depressing vision of a beast slouching toward Bethlehem. Leckie's production emphasizes space in the recording, while the band as a whole sounds generally more deliberate and understated, even Craig Scanlon's guitar not leaping quite as much to trebly life as is normally the case. Songs like "Gross Chapel - British Grenadiers" favor Steve Hanley's bass work as much as anything, while the almost industrial/hip-hop beat of "US 80's-90's" sets the tone for a glowering vision of the States from, as Smith puts it, "the big-shot original rapper." Elsewhere, there's Smith's vision of the eternal outsider comes to life once again -- "Shoulder Pads 1," a hardly disguised sneer against being surrounded by people who "can't tell Lou Reed from Doug Yule," for all that there's a slightly quirky arrangement thanks to Simon Rogers' keyboards. Still, there are certainly moments of sheer fun -- in keeping with the band's regular ear for good cover versions, this time around psych-era obscurities the Other Half get the nod with a brisk rip through the obvious drug references of "Mr. Pharmacist." Brix again shares vocal leads with Smith at various points, notably "Dktr. Faustus," a distinctly reworked version of that particular legend that turns into a frantic, audibly unhappy dance groove.

R.O.D. / Simon Rogers / Craig Scanlon / Brix Smith / Mark E. Smith / Simon WolstencroftThe Fall4:31
Dktr. Faustus / Craig Scanlon / Mark E. SmithThe Fall5:32
Shoulder Pads 1 / Brix Smith / Mark E. SmithThe Fall2:54
Mr. Pharmacist / Jeff NowlenThe Fall2:17
Gross Chapel - British Grenadiers / Steve Hanley / Craig Scanlon / Mark E. SmithThe Fall7:20
Living Too Late / Mark E. SmithThe Fall4:35
U.S. 80's-90's / Brix Smith / Mark E. SmithThe Fall4:34
Terry Waite Sez / Brix Smith / Mark E. SmithThe Fall1:37
Bournemouth Runner / Steve Hanley / Brix Smith / Mark E. SmithThe Fall6:05
Riddler! / Simon Rogers / Brix Smith / Mark E. SmithThe Fall6:19
Shoulder Pads 2 / Brix Smith / Mark E. SmithThe Fall1:56
Auto-Tech Pilot / Steve Hanley / Mark E. SmithThe Fall4:51

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