The Spoils of War - The Spoils of War

The Spoils of War - The Spoils of War
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The Spoils of War

Although the swaths of wacky electronics are the traits that are the most immediate and aggressive characteristics of this album, James Cuomo and the Spoils of War's chief strengths were in fact their haunting and inventively arranged songs.

Tunes like "You're the Girl" and especially "Now Is Made in America," with its lyrical references to detachable halos, eerie organ and unearthly high vocals, are reflections of a tender psyche as frail as an eggshell. At other points the vocals -- occasionally female, occasionally sped-up -- and melodic-but-experimental song shards recall parts of the Mothers of Invention in the We're Only in It for the Money era. Sometimes the electronic squiggles and blasts are effective, as on the foghorn-like tones into which "E-Thing" dissolves. More often, though, it's distracting and gimmicky, as though someone felt the material had to be even farther out than it was to gain credibility. At its best, it's the kind of astral, dreamlike underground psychedelia that was too off-the-wall and spontaneously idiosyncratic to be convincingly recreated after the '60s.

Walk in, Walk OutThe Spoils of War
First Love, Last LoveThe Spoils of War
E-ThingThe Spoils of War
You're the GirlThe Spoils of War
Now Is Made in AmericaThe Spoils of War
Rit Yellow of the SunThe Spoils of War
The Crimson Uniform/Jena's ScoreThe Spoils of War
The Record Rejects/After the Party/Lonesome Is a Truer Word/EndThe Spoils of War
What Happens Now/Now Is Made in America/Henry T. JosephThe Spoils of War
Void of Mystery/The Greyness Moves in QuietlyThe Spoils of War
Susan Never Smiles/RememberingThe Spoils of War
Ring, Magic Telephone, RingThe Spoils of War
Victoria FallsThe Spoils of War

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