Dwight Twilley - Rarities, Vol. 3

Dwight Twilley - Rarities, Vol. 3
Release Date:
Rarities, Vol. 3
Contemporary Pop/Rock, Power Pop

At this point you can pretty much expect Dwight Twilley to be, well, Dwight Twilley. He's been turning out the same brand of the Beatles-meet-Brian Wilson-meet-Tom Petty power pop for a long time now, and he's shown no signs of changing, although now his releases appear on his own or other independent labels. This set of demos and other rarities, the first of four such volumes of Twilley minutiae from Gigatone Records, simply underscores Twilley's immutability -- the sound, even if some of these are demos and live tracks, is still the same, and for fans of power pop, that's a very good thing, because Twilley does it very, very well, even if at times he does it so well that it sounds just like the last song he did. Highlights here include the obvious demo (but still effective) version of "Your Time for Love," the Beatles-like "Just Like You Did It Before," the huge-sounding rocker "Alone In My Room" and a nice cover of Marvin Gaye's "I'll Be Doggone," and any of these would fit seamlessly on any album Twilley has ever issued. These tracks may be rare, but they're not unusual, at least not for Twilley. This is what he does, turns out power pop love songs and anthems, and he's been doing it at this same level for a very long time now.

Secret PlaceDwight Twilley3:19
Long Lonely NightsDwight Twilley3:41
No ResistanceDwight Twilley2:59
Baby's Got the Blues AgainDwight Twilley1:53
Forget About ItDwight Twilley3:36
Wild DogsDwight Twilley4:21
Your Time for LoveDwight Twilley4:45
Just Like You Did It BeforeDwight Twilley2:39
Let It RainDwight Twilley3:09
C LynDwight Twilley1:51
Ticket to My DreamDwight Twilley3:12
Too MuchDwight Twilley1:43
10,000 American Scuba Divers Dancin'Dwight Twilley3:41
She's a LiarDwight Twilley4:03
I'll Be DoggoneDwight Twilley3:37
Alone in My RoomDwight Twilley3:33

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