Ella Jenkins - Seasons for Singing

Ella Jenkins - Seasons for Singing
Recording Location:
Summer Program in Chicage, Illi
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Recording Date:
Seasons for Singing
Children's Folk

Jenkins recorded these dozen songs, with children pitching in on the sing-along vocals, at a summer music workshop at St. Paul's Church in Chicago in 1969. Like many of Jenkins' albums, it's well above average for a children's-oriented recording, in that it can be enjoyed on strictly musical terms as well as used for educational purposes, and doesn't condescend to either kids or the parents who might buy it for their kids. Jenkins, with some assistance from her audience, plays an assortment of instruments -- ukulele, harmonica, guitar, drums, and rhythm sticks -- to give this more diversity than the usual folk sing-along. The material has more variety than the usual folk sing-along too, getting into blues ("Freight Train Blues"), classic folk ("This Train"), work songs ("Don't You Do Me Wrong"), Greek music ("Tee-kah-nees"), unplugged upbeat R&B ("You Look So Sweet"), and, most surprisingly, acoustic rock & roll ("Go, Aquanetta, Go," which has some riffs close to "California Sun"). The major flaw of this set is that it's only 30 minutes long, although if you use this for educational purposes at home or in school, that could be a bonus given that kids' attention spans might wander during a longer program.

On a Holiday / Ella JenkinsElla Jenkins1:38
Carry Me AckeeElla Jenkins2:56
Tee-Kah-Nees / Ella JenkinsElla Jenkins2:04
You Look So Sweet / Ella JenkinsElla Jenkins2:27
This Train / TraditionalElla Jenkins2:19
Freight Train BluesElla Jenkins2:51
Go, Aquanetta, GoElla Jenkins2:23
Lord, Lord, LordElla Jenkins3:11
All Night, All DayElla Jenkins1:53
Don't You Do Me Wrong / Ella JenkinsElla Jenkins2:53
Blue WalkingElla Jenkins2:50
I Like Animals / Ella JenkinsElla Jenkins2:43

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