Doug Kershaw - Doug Kershaw/Mama Kershaw's Boy

Doug Kershaw - Doug Kershaw/Mama Kershaw's Boy
Release Date:
February 27, 2007
Doug Kershaw/Mama Kershaw's Boy
North American Traditions, Cajun, Traditional Country

This twofer collects a pair of the Louisiana singer-songwriter and fiddler Doug Kershaw's best early-1970s albums. DOUG KERSHAW is a low-key acoustic affair, though songs like the outgoing "Play Fiddle Play" and the swamp-rock "Mama Said Yeah" both carry Kershaw's inimitable extrovert stamp. Released in 1974, MAMA KERSHAW'S BOY is more down-home, with tracks like "Swamp Dance" and "Cajun Grass" sharing an irresistible fiddle-and-accordion swing with the singalong "Mama's Got the Know How" and "Hippy Ti Yo."

Play, Fiddle, Play / Doug Kershaw / Buddy KillenDoug Kershaw3:50
Trying to Live / Doug KershawDoug Kershaw2:30
Who Needs That Kind of Friend / Doug Kershaw / Buddy KillenDoug Kershaw3:18
My Books and Julie / Doug KershawDoug Kershaw2:50
Mama Said Yeah / Red LaneDoug Kershaw2:49
Colinda / Doug KershawDoug Kershaw3:21
Battle of New OrleansDoug Kershaw3:30
That Don't Make You No Better Than Me / Doug KershawDoug Kershaw2:44
Natural Man / Doug KershawDoug Kershaw2:52
Son of a Louisiana Man / Doug KershawDoug Kershaw2:16
You'll Never Catch Me Walking in Your Tracks / Doug KershawDoug Kershaw3:16
Nickel in My Pocket / Doug KershawDoug Kershaw2:22
Hi Lady / Doug KershawDoug Kershaw3:48
Lady Ann / Doug KershawDoug Kershaw4:50
Whatcha Gonna Do When You Can't / Doug KershawDoug Kershaw2:47
Cajun Grass / Doug KershawDoug Kershaw2:07
I Just Remember Just Enough / Doug KershawDoug Kershaw3:03
Can't Be All Bad / Doug KershawDoug Kershaw3:48
Swamp Dance / Doug KershawDoug Kershaw3:48
Colorado / Doug KershawDoug Kershaw4:01
Mama's Got the Know How / Doug KershawDoug Kershaw2:11
Hippie Ti Yo / Doug KershawDoug Kershaw3:15

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