Project/Object - The Dream of the Dog

Project/Object - The Dream of the Dog
Release Date:
Recording Date:
February 16, 2002 - March 24, 2002
The Dream of the Dog
Alternative/Indie Rock, Experimental Rock

Project/Object is, of course, known for its wonderful performances of the Frank Zappa songbook. And much like Zappa's bands, there's always room for the unexpected within the context of the band's tightly rehearsed sets. For its second release, Project/Object has decided to focus not on Zappa compositions, but on what happens during the improvised moments that are "planned" into their sets. Although these portions of the show seem to happen during specific tunes, the results can lead just about anywhere: into an improvised jam or devolve to sample-driven insanity (often courtesy of George W. Bush). Because these improvised moments take place in the same song settings, the intros and outros allow the music to be stitched together in a more coherent fashion than one might expect. There are some great musical moments contained on Dream of the Dog, but the Dubya samples are perhaps a bit over-used. Permanent guest Ike Willis appears on several tracks, and former mother Bunk Gardner and Keneally-compadre Chris Opperman also guest on one track (with particularly insane results). Musical exercises like this are not for everyone's tastes, but then neither is Frank Zappa. Try Absolutely Live first, and when you realize how talented these guys are, you'll want to check out Dream of the Dog.

Towson Dream/Simmons MaskProject/Object3:38
Indy Dream/Double-Ya Needs a BlanketProject/Object3:09
Indy Dog/Patio Hearn...Itinerary??Project/Object1:55
Denver Dream/Vail AttackProject/Object6:09
Denver Dog/The Windmills of Your MindProject/Object3:07
Towson Kong/Broken Stolen KramerProject/Object8:11
Chicago Kong/Bad Frying Pan MemoryProject/Object8:34
Eugene Dream/Electrocutive Rain GigProject/Object7:21
Eugene Dog/Panteez de la CrotchlissProject/Object2:54
La Kong/West Coast Ya Gnome SaineProject/Object11:57
Vail Dream/Vail AttackProject/Object1:40
Vail Dog/Potty Out of BoundsProject/Object0:36
Denver Kong/Too Young to Have a BackProject/Object6:15
Colorado DreamProject/Object10:30

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