Original Soundtrack - To Sir, With Love

Original Soundtrack - To Sir, With Love
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To Sir, With Love
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The soundtrack to 1967's To Sir With Love features the famous title track by Scottish diva Lulu, as well as two alternate versions of the song with different lyrics and arrangements. Lulu also sings "Stealing My Love From Me," and the Mindbenders deliver swinging '60s fun on their two tracks, "Off and Running" and "It's Getting Harder All the Time." An enjoyable nugget of '60s pop culture.

To Sir With Love / Don Black / Mark LondonLulu2:49
School Break Dancing "Stealing My Love from Me"Lulu2:02
Thackeray Meets Faculty, Then AloneInstrumental4:04
Music from Lunch Break "Off and Running"The Mindbenders2:01
Thackeray Loses Temper, Gets an IdeaInstrumental2:13
Museum Outings Montage "To Sir, With Love"Lulu3:29
A Classical LessonInstrumental5:18
Perhaps I Could Tidy Your DeskInstrumental0:54
Potter's Loss of Temper in GymInstrumental0:52
Thackeary Reads Letter About JobInstrumental0:57
Thackeray and Denham Box in GymInstrumental1:35
The Funeral / Ron GrainerInstrumental3:24
End of Term Dance "It's Getting Harder All the Time"The Mindbenders2:15
To Sir With Love / Don Black / Mark LondonLulu1:12

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