Tom Jones - Close Up

Tom Jones - Close Up
Release Date:
Close Up
AM Pop, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Adult Contemporary

Close Up was Tom Jones' first album to not go gold since Green, Green Grass of Home, and given the wildly inconsistent quality of the material and performances, it's easy to see why the record was only a minor hit. The hit single "Till" was a fine MOR ballad, but its stilted follow-up "Young New Mexican Puppeteer" illustrates the problem with the record: most of the songs were either cutesy or vapid, and occasionally -- such as "Young New Mexican Puppeteer" and "Witch Queen of New Orleans" -- they were both.

Witch Queen of New Orleans / Lolly Vegas / Pat VegasTom Jones2:34
Tired of Being Alone / Al GreenTom Jones3:04
Woman, You Took My Life / Kevin JohnsonTom Jones4:00
If / David GatesTom Jones3:02
The Young New Mexican Puppeteer / Leon N. CarrTom Jones4:33
All I Ever Need Is You / James E. Holiday / Eddie ReevesTom Jones3:12
You've Got a Friend / Carole KingTom Jones2:46
Time to Get It Together / Steven Feldman / Joey Levine / Kristin ResnickTom Jones2:26
I Won't Be Sorry to See Suzanne Again / Eddie Seago / Geoff StephensTom Jones3:38
Kiss an Angel Good Morning / Ben PetersTom Jones2:58

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