Reni Lane - Ready

Reni Lane - Ready
Recording Location:
Flow, NY; Great City And Mission Sound; Sam Bisbee's Basement; The Hobbit Hole
Release Date:
March 16, 2010
Alternative Singer/Songwriter, Alternative/Indie Rock

Reni Lane’s debut received a boost from VH1 in early 2010, when the network chose the album’s leadoff track as the theme for a new reality series. The song in question, “Place for Us,” is the album’s main highlight, filled with stabs of alt rock guitar and a confident, understated vocal performance. Lane can’t quite sustain that energy throughout the disc, though, and the bulk of Ready is a bit erratic, moving from rock to electro to contemporary pop with little explanation. Featuring four different producers and just as many songwriters, it’s more of a showcase for the behind-the-scenes personnel than Lane herself.

A former weekly performer at the Sidewalk Café in Manhattan, she’s more than capable of handling a song on her own, and some of the more memorable moments here -- including “Runaway Train,” with its simple instrumentation and cycling drum loops -- manage to make their impact with melody instead of backup musicianship. Such songs are the exception rather than the rule, however, and Ready winds up being a collection of scattered singles as opposed to a cohesive record.

Place For Us / Reni Lane / David PattilloReni Lane3:29
You Are Here [Main] / Sam BisbeeReni Lane3:09
We Don't Forget / Sam Bisbee / Reni LaneReni Lane3:07
Runaway Train / Reni Lane / David PattilloReni Lane3:55
Even You / Sam Bisbee / Reni Lane / David PattilloReni Lane3:06
Drive / Reni Lane / David Pattillo / Linda PerryReni Lane3:48
Never Stop / Sam Bisbee / Reni Lane / David PattilloReni Lane4:09
Let Me Go / Reni Lane / David PattilloReni Lane3:38
Never Be Another You / Sam Bisbee / Reni Lane / David PattilloReni Lane2:52
Call / J. Arthur / Joseph ArthurReni Lane4:00
Ready / Sam Bisbee / Reni Lane / David PattilloReni Lane3:16

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