Regina Belle - Love Forever Shines

Regina Belle - Love Forever Shines
Recording Location:
Canvas Studios, Houston, TX; Dark Hourse, TN; Jr's Studio, Bridgeport, CT
Release Date:
May 13, 2008
Love Forever Shines
Contemporary Gospel, Gospel, Contemporary R&B, Adult Contemporary, Gospel Choir

Like a lot of R&B luminaries, Regina Belle cut her teeth on gospel. And like dozens of her contemporaries who set it aside when Grammys and gold records started trickling in, she rediscovered it at a point in her career when the pop charts seemed less scalable.

But Love Forever Shines, the throaty singer's debut gospel album, proves it's never too late to return to the sound that gave you liftoff. "God Is Good," the first single from this hefty batch, will have doubters swaying in their seats, arms up-stretched, and believers belting in the aisles. Like Melvin Williams of The Williams Brothers, who guests here throughout, Belle busts out a spiritual certainty that benefits from maturity.

She's an artist who's been there, seen that, and she's saved some of her boldest, most bewitching moments -- see "Almost Slipped," "Can't Nobody" and "Who Touched Me" -- for this record. Jazz, hip-hop, R&B and soul make appearances, but at the end of a long set of praising, cherishing and reaching for the vocal rafters this is a pure contemporary gospel project. Fans of the genre will wish she had abandoned her days of Peabo Bryson and Johnny Mathis duets for a walk down this path decades ago.

Love Forever ShinesRegina Belle4:25
Can't NobodyRegina Belle4:13
Who Touched MeRegina Belle4:38
God Is GoodRegina Belle7:53
Almost SlippedRegina Belle5:36
I Hope He UnderstandsRegina Belle4:34
VictoryRegina Belle5:26
God SaidRegina Belle3:47
Good to Be LovedRegina Belle5:07
Come into This Place (Worship Song)Regina Belle6:25
Coming out of ThisRegina Belle4:28
I Call on JesusRegina Belle6:21
My DestinyRegina Belle3:33
I'll Never Leave You AloneRegina Belle6:11

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