Archigram - Waves, Vol. 2

Archigram - Waves, Vol. 2
Release Date:
April 22, 2003
Waves, Vol. 2
Club/Dance, House, Left-Field House

More buzzing trebly French filter-house mania from Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (Daft Punk) and Eric "DJ Rico" Chedeville's Crydamore label, the second Waves compilation is another way for those who don't buy 12" singles to stay on top of the game, and it's also a handy way for those who do own these tracks on vinyl to enjoy the label's highlights in a more portable fashion. Mixed ably by Archigram -- who provides some of the prime thrills, in the forms of "In Flight," "Carnaval," "Mad Joe," and the "I Wanna Be Your Dog" interpretation "Doggystyle" -- Waves, Vol.

2 features productions from names like le Knight Club, Crydajam, Deelat, and Play Paul. At the time of this disc's release, Crydamoure had 19 12" releases in its catalog, and still, the majority of the productions come from the two label heads. The template hasn't changed much at all since the first slew of releases, but that's a very minor issue when that template is responsible for some of the most galvanzing house music of the early 2000s. As ever, slyly placed and often cunningly tweaked samples of string sections, horn charts, basslines, guitar solos, and vocal exaltations are laced and woven into these rhythms so heavily that even those who have a low threshold of 4/4-induced pain can catch a buzz. Again, the shared production nuances might begin to wear down the average listener during the course of a full listen, so it might be best for some to take this on in 15-minute segments. All the others will just revel in the implacable, fizzy delight.

RhumbaArchigram feat: Le Knight Club4:24
Nymphae SongArchigram feat: Le Knight Club4:18
In FlightArchigram4:49
MosquitoArchigram feat: Le Knight Club2:47
Wetness AnthemArchigram2:55
Soul BellsArchigram feat: Le Knight Club5:03
Holly GhostzArchigram feat: Play Paul3:33
Mad JoeArchigram4:55
If You Give Me the Love I Want / Juan Carlos PellegrinoArchigram4:51
Doggystyle / Scott Asheton / Iggy PopArchigram6:29
Spaced Out 2Archigram feat: Play Paul5:23
Palm BeatArchigram feat: Le Knight Club5:39

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