Lee Conway - I Just Didn't Hear: The Early Roads (1969-1973)

Lee Conway - I Just Didn't Hear: The Early Roads (1969-1973)
I Just Didn't Hear: The Early Roads (1969-1973)
I Just Didn't Hear / Lee ConwayLee Conway3:43
The House That Love Built / Doug Ashdown / Jimmy StewartLee Conway3:10
Love and Little Joe / Doug Ashdown / Jimmy StewartLee Conway5:02
The Morning After Josie Said Goodbye / Doug Ashdown / Jimmy StewartLee Conway3:14
The Other Man / Doug Ashdown / Jimmy StewartLee Conway2:32
People / Doug Ashdown / Lee Conway / Jimmy StewartLee Conway2:00
Wanted Man / Bob DylanLee Conway2:17
Halfbreed / John D. LoudermilkLee Conway2:49
Sand / Lee HazelwoodLee Conway3:52
Coalmine / Lee ConwayLee Conway2:29
You Touched My Life / Lee ConwayLee Conway3:14
Lonely Life to Live / Lee ConwayLee Conway2:51
Daisy / Lee ConwayLee Conway2:12
While the City Sleeps / Lee ConwayLee Conway4:00
Colour of Love / Lee ConwayLee Conway2:20
Child's DreamLee Conway2:27
Something New / Doug Ashdown / Jimmy StewartLee Conway2:18
City Boy-Country Born / Doug Ashdown / Jimmy StewartLee Conway2:47
Lucas Marsh / Doug Ashdown / Jimmy StewartLee Conway4:24
Mothers and Sons / Doug Ashdown / Jimmy StewartLee Conway3:26
You'd Better Sit Down Kids / Sonny BonoLee Conway3:15
Fine White Stallion / Albert Hammond / Mike HazelwoodLee Conway2:30
North Country Easter Show / Lee ConwayLee Conway2:39
Forty Coats / Gerry Langley / Jimmy StewartLee Conway2:33
Lovers Such as I / Jimmy WebbLee Conway2:55
It's Done / Lee ConwayLee Conway1:57

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