Rulf Munkes - No More Obscurity

Rulf Munkes - No More Obscurity
Recording Location:
Legatomizer Studio; Pandemonic Studio Dreieich, Germany
Release Date:
January 6, 2004
No More Obscurity

Does the world really need another guitar hero? Rulf Munkes seems to think the answer to that question is "yes." However, when he tries to be the next Satriani or Malmsteen, the result is boring, overblown, and just plain not fun. What he really does well, though, are more straightforward rock cuts that focus more on melody and less on the fast and furious "see how many notes I can play" guitar approach. The songs that show that melodic style are truly enjoyable, and there are a few of them. In fact, Munkes even covers the Police's "Message in a Bottle," putting in a very interesting performance on that one.

The final track on the disc is a guitar solo that works. It is in an acoustic guitar style and feels a lot like something Steve Howe would do.

You and I / Rulf MunkesRulf Munkes3:55
Message in a Bottle / StingRulf Munkes4:00
Legatomizer / Rulf MunkesRulf Munkes3:52
The Man Who Learned to Fly / Rulf MunkesRulf Munkes3:06
Mystic Overtures / Rulf MunkesRulf Munkes1:17
That's New / Rulf MunkesRulf Munkes4:02
Tunnel Strut / Rulf MunkesRulf Munkes1:49
Star Sailor / Rulf MunkesRulf Munkes3:15
Where Do We Go from Here? / Gerald Kloos / Rulf MunkesRulf Munkes4:14
Tap That Thing / Rulf MunkesRulf Munkes3:48
Drumatic / Gerald KloosRulf Munkes0:51
Confuse Them All / Rulf MunkesRulf Munkes3:50
Lord of Lies / Rulf MunkesRulf Munkes3:48
Up and Down / Rulf MunkesRulf Munkes3:46

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